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What is Coding Panda?

You will be awarded a certificate for each completed game!

Coding Panda is a monthly coding challenge taking place online and offline open to learners anywhere in the world. Teacher Pandas is available to assist students to make sure that everyone can participate, even without previous experience coding experience. Once a challenge is completed the student will receive a badge certificate to add to their rapidly growing collection!

Why Learn Coding?

"Everyone should spend at least a year learning programming." - Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc.

Coding Panda makes coding more fun than playing games, and knowing how to code makes you cool!

Makeblock’s programming software, mBlock, is super powerful and lets you build almost anything you can imagine!

Knowing the fundamentals of programming is a sought-after skill on the job market.

If you know how code works, you can more easily get along with robots.

Once you know how to code, you are ready to change the world.

Coding Panda’s
Official Programming Interface

mBlock is a graphical programming tool based on Scratch 2.0 that allows for writing code for software as well as hardware. It lets you create interactive stories, games and other fun projects, and offers a simple way to code Makeblock robots and Arduino hardware. To better support learners, mBlock comes with complementary manuals, lesson plans, and textbooks. Along with students, educators too will be able to grow their coding knowledge by following lesson plans and completing exercises.


Support Makeblock/ Arduino Coding

Microsoft Cognitive

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Use the mBlock software within the Microsoft recognition function, and write a program that recognizes emotion.This will teach Coding Panda to identify different types of emotions.

How to upload projects: After you finish coding, take a screenshot of your code and send it to codingpanda@makeblock.com before September 15th.
Don’t forget to add your full name in the title.

Mission Guide

Open mBlock

Find the following modules here:

1.Start the function module When you click the space bar, the program starts running

2.When you click the space bar, the program starts running

3.Turn on the camera module

4.Emotion capture function

5.Receive results from the emotion recognition function

Click the white bar and chose “happiness”, and Coding Panda will begin to identify how happy the captured expression is. You can also choose other emotions.

6.Coding Panda talk Module

Drag and drop the emotion recognition module into the talking module, and Coding Panda will tell you the value of the emotion identified

【Some hints for the challenge】


1.Download mBlock: http://www.mblock.cc/download/?noredirect=en_US

2.Open mBlock,Enter Extensions - Microsoft Cognitive Service Setting

3.Fill in the "Emotion" catalogue with following Emotion API key:

a) Key 1: 88bff05978cf4f699157ac53abbef1c9

b) Key 2: c41e48b8ddac41d29c227f3499d9f32a

c) Key 3: b522d2ed64d24c2eae0d7af1ce17f0d0

d) Key 4: 2125694efd0644cc9a52f3a572f0a0e2

e) Key 5: 074dad7b61b343098dea395d775189b6

f) Key 6: 356ba4b671a2423ca3134308c1fc86af

g) Key 7: 0a557d462cdd4dedbad2df074ae484e4

h) Key 8: 0a836f3209184e60a5a86c66381ee759

Attention: If the key is invalid, click here for the instruction:


4.In the ‘Extensions’ set of the menu, check ’Microsoft Cognitive Services’